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Central certificates registry for on- & offshore workers

C crow checks and registers training certificates and other documents for on- & offshore personnel. As   you   know,   almost   all   personnel,   have   certificates   (training,   medical   or   other)   and   documents   they   need to keep track of. Often   documents   need   to   be   submitted   to   prove   their   qualifications   while   moving   from   one   project   to another.  In most cases it takes a couple of days before they get all the needed documents approved. To avoid these delays, these documents are checked and registered by a third party, C crow . C crow helps in keeping track of all documents and certificates. -   We   remind   employers   and   persons   concerned   when   a   document   is   about   to   expire.      A   notice   is   send   out prior    to    the    expiry    date.        This    will    give    you    enough    time    for    planning    the    required    training,    or    for documents to be renewed. - Why should anyone register:      ° It makes your life easier while doing your tasks.      ° There is no limit on the number or type of certificates and documents.      ° We check and register each document with due care and attention.      ° An overview of all certificates and documents with issue and expiry dates is available for that person.      ° No need to carry the original certificates around with you Privacy:      ° The person concerned is the only one with access to the information submitted.      ° You can use the overview as a portfolio for other projects.  This way you know who has your personnal information. C crow   is   also   active   in   industries   onshore,   where   it   registers   personnel   documents   for   construction, industrial and transportation companies. Our   senior   certificates   controller   Christian   Brouyère   is   a   former   work   vessel   coordinator   in   the   offshore wind   industry   while   an   offshore   windfarm   was   being   constructed.      His   experience   during   that   task   gave   him an   insight   in   time   that   was   waisted   for   vessels   and   crews,   not   due   to   weather   conditions,   but   due   to   poor admin support from contractors. Please visit us again at
Central certificates registry for on- & offshore workers