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Feedback is always welcome at  Here are some stories that we heard about: *         A   sales   rep   for   a   chemical   company   was   asked   to   visit   a   client   in   the   middle   east   ASAP.     When   he   checked   his   passport,   it   had   expired   2   days   earlier.      Another   sales   rep   was   needed   to take his place.  This issue could have been avoided. *            A   female   technician   in   the   building   industry,   had   a   small   accident   and   her   employer   called the   next   of   kin   of   the   technician.      The   file   of   the   technician   was   not   up-to-date   causing   trouble between the technicians husband and her ex husband. If the file was updated on a regular basis, this trouble would have been avoided. *            When   a   supervisor   arrived   on   a   new   project   (1000   km   from   home),   he   was   notified   that   he didn't    have    a    valid    GWO    Sea    Survival    certificate.        The    document    was    mandatory    before approval   to   work   on   a   project.      As   there   was   nobody   at   home   he   had   to   ask   his   son   who   lives 200   km   away   from   his   home,   to   find   the   document   and   send   a   copy   of   the   certifiacte.      It   would have been nice if he could get it from the net. *            A   technician   arrived   on   a   new   project   to   start   work   after   traveling   2   days.      Upon   arrival   at the   site,   he   was   issued   PPE   and   company   clothing.      He   was   also   asked   to   provide   a   medical   and GWO   training   certificates   .      This   was   not   communicated   before   he   travelled.      He   stayed   1   day, returned   the   clothing   and   PPE   and   returned   home.      Now   he   will   issue   his   training   certificates to projects before traveling. *            A   truck   driver   and   his   employer   failed   to   notice   that   his   driving   license   expired.      During   a roadside   control   by   police,   they   noticed   the   invallid   drivers   license   and   he   was   fined.   When   he arrived   at   the   company   and   explained   the   police   control   he   was   laid   off.      Our   services   would have done wonders to avoid this, he told us. *            A   constuction   vessel   had   to   wait   a   week   before   it   could   start   on   the   construction   of   an offshore   windfarm   because   the   paperwork   was   not   yet   provided   to   the   developer.      Therefor   it did   not   have   access   to   the   project.   The   cost   must   have   been   high.   104   POB   and   an   estimated running cost of € 140.000 per day. *            A   group   of   crew   transfer   vessel   were   hired   to   start   on   a   project.      The   company   hiring   them were   promised   that   all   documents   would   be   in   within   the   next   24   hrs.      The   vessels   arrived within   48   hrs,   but   it   took   another   week   before   the   paperwork   on   the   vessels   and   crew   were up-to-date.  We can only guess on how expensive it was to wait. *            A   vessel   wants   to   have   a   crew   change.      A   normal   procedure   for   vessels   that   work   on   a construction   site.      Only   one   problem   came   to   the   surface.      The   crew   that   needed   to   be relieved   had   expired   visa   documents   (non   Shengen   employees).      As   a   result   they   had   to   stay on board. *            A   crew   member   had   a   heart   attack   while   at   sea.      First   aid   and   Medevac   were   done.      The only   problem   was   an   expired   seafarers   medical.      The   result,   the   insurance   company   did   not want to pay for the medevac due to expired medical certificate.  Cost estimated at € 16.000. *            Personnel   on   a   project   was   not   knowledgeble   enough   to   know   that   a   Master   and   chief mates   of   ships   =500   GRT   or   >500   GRT   (STCW   A-II/2)   and   demanded   a   document   for   STCW   A- VI/1-1   Personal   Survival   Techniques   and   a   radio   license.      We   told   them   that   he   could   not   get his   Master   license   without   having   those   certificates.      All   the   certificates   requested   are   marked on that certificate. *                  A   company   hired   divers   for   an   underwater   vessel   survey   after   hitting   driftwood   during   a transfer.      The   company   did   not   know   they   had   experienced   divers   within   their   own   company.     One   of   their   employees   was   a   former   subsea   welder   on   oil   rigs,   causing   disbelief   with   that employee   that   others   had   to   inspect   the   veseel   he   was   on   while   he   had   more   experience.      He even had his own diving gear nearby.  They should have asked he said.     ...     If you have any stories to tell, send them to  


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