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Central certificates registry for on- & offshore workers

C crow started a central certificates registry for offshore  personnel. The   reason   was   simple,   personnel   working   in   the   offshore   industry,   in   construction   or   doing   maintenance, needed help in keeping track of their training certificates, licenses and other documents. This also applies for vessel crews on construction, support or crew transfer vessels (CTVs). Both technicians and vessel crews work long hours and paperwork is not their core business. C crow helps in keeping track of all documents and certificates. Reminding a person when a document is about to expire. A standard notice is send 90 days prior to the expiry date. In this way there is enough time left for planning the required training(s), or for documents to be renewed. Why should anyone register:      ° It makes your life easier while doing your tasks.      ° There is no limit on the number or type of certificates and documents.      ° We check and register each document with due care and attention.      ° An overview of all certificates and documents with issue and expiry dates is available for that person. Privacy:      ° The person concerned is the only one with access to the information submitted.      ° No need to carry the originals around with you      ° You can use the overview as a portfolio for other projects. C crow   is   no   longer   only   active   in   the   offshore   industry,   but   also   onshore   where   it   registers   personnel documents for construction, industrial and transportation companies. We   all   know   that   many   persons   working   on   projects   move   from   one   project   to   another   where   much   of   the same   documents   are   asked      for   or   copies   need   to   be   submitted.      A   total   overview   of   all   documents   eases this concern. Please visit us again at
Central certificates registry for on- & offshore workers