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Offshore Industry

Crew working for the offshore industry

The crew for vessels in support or construction in the offshore industry. These include: - Crew transfer vessels - Cable laying vessels - Jack-up vessels - Rock installation vessels - Guard vessels - etc… As   these   are   crews      sailing   under   STCW95   regulation,   the   minimum   standard   of   the required STCW certificates must be maintained.

Offshore technicians and construction workers

Offshore   personnel   are   required   to   have   specific   training   certificates   according   to   their tasks offshore. - Personnel working in the offshore wind industry need to have   GWO training certificates. - Rope access workers need to have more specific training like IRATA,   or equivalent. - Construction workers, welders, divers, etc… - Specialists like drone or ROV pilots, … - Painters, maintenance personnel - Confined spaces, Inspectors of all kind - Tidal industry - etc…

Personnel on offshore rigs

Personnel   living   and   working   on   offshore   rigs   also   need   specific   training   and   certificates to stay and work on board of these rigs. This depends on their function on board.

Onshore industry

Specific task personnel

- Crane operators, riggers, etc… - Operators of heavy machinery - Operators of forklift trucks - etc…

Onshore industry

Industries onshore also need specifically trained personnel.  The list is limitless, including: - Petro-chemical industry - Electrical industries (high- and low voltage) - Small and medium sized companies of all kind - etc…

Construction industry

- Building industry - Distribution industries, like road-, rail-, water- and air transport - Special transports - etc…

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