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Work method We   centralise,   check   and   register   all   submitted   documents   and   deliver   a   single   document,   stating   all   registered   documents, including dates of issue and expiry. Personnel   can   consult   their   details   and   certificates   online.      They   can   also   safe   all   info   in   a   PDF   form   that   is   printable.   This   is   easy if you have to outsource your personnel and exchange personnal information with other companies. All   registered   persons   will   be   notified   if   a   document   is   about   to   expire   (expiry   day   -90).      This   gives   all   involved,   the   time   to replace the document with a valid one or plan the needed training course. We   understand   the   need   of   privacy,   that   is   why   we   will   not   disclose   our   clients.      It   is   up   to   them   to   make   it   known   if   they   work with us. Sample: documents received by Ccrow (11 docs) overview send by Ccrow (2 pages) Fees First time registration, at € 50 / per person (excl. VAT), up to 10 docs/person, until expiry dates. Renual of documents are calculated as follows:  € 9,50 /per document until expiry date (Excl. VAT). Discounts from 100+ persons or 100+ registered documents will be applied. Ask for a quotation, please send an e-mail to

Work method & Fees