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© Ccrow 2017 - Central certificates registry for on- & offshore workers
Work method: A   majority   of   people   and   vessels   in   on-   &   offshore   industries   are   involved   in   projects,   going   from   one   project   to   another,   therefor   we   provide   a simple to use registration program to register personnel and vessels active in a wide range of activities. We   centralise,   check   and   register   all   submitted   documents   and   deliver   a   single   document,   stating   all   registered   documents,   including   dates   of   issue and expiry. Personnel   can   consult   their   details   and   certificates   online.      They   can   also   safe   all   info   in   a   PDF   form   that   is   printable.   This   is   easy   if   you   have   to exchange your personnal information with other companies. All   registered   persons   will   be   notified   if   a   document   is   about   to   expire   (day   -90).      This   gives   all   involved,   the   time   to   replace   the   document   with   a   valid one or plan the needed training course. We understand the need of privacy, that is why we will not disclose our clients.  It is up to them to make it known if they work with us. Fees The fees are calculated on different criteria.  - The number of personnel registered - The type of certificates to be registered - The function of the person The present average cost is approx € 50 /person /year (excl. VAT). Upon a registration request of your company, a pro-forma invoice will be send out.  This pro-forma invoice is valid for 30 days. Discounts from 100+ registered documents will be applied. For a quotation, please send an e-mail to

Work method & Fees